How To Become a Jedi Master in Anything

When I was in grad school many years ago I had a very tough finance professor. He had an accomplished career holding top positions in international banking, in addition to this he was a Symphony Hall concert pianist. One day after a number of students didn’t do as well as they had hoped on an exam, he posed a question to the class along the lines of: “How do you get to symphony hall?” The answer was, “Practice! Practice! Practice!” Effectively he was saying if you want to truly understand the financial concepts he was teaching it would require repetition on our part. There was no way around it. That comment has stuck with me to this day. The answers to tough challenges aren’t just going to come to you. You have to really roll up your sleeves and deliberately practice in order to level up.

Side Note: I ended up getting an A in the class (don’t ask me how).

Repetition is what creates habits, and habits are what enable mastery. Nothing is more important for mastery than practice and drills. Studies have shown that practicing as little as 5 minutes a day is better than practicing once a week for 3 hours. – Gene Kim

This 5 min Ted Ed video does a good job summing up the science behind how habits, deliberate practice and mental imagery are key to mastering any skill.

Enjoy and share the wealth with a friend.