The Search Engine We’ve all Come to Know and Love is Changing its Name

No not Google silly, Yahoo is changing its name. As Verizon nears the completion of it’s purchase of Yahoo’s main internet properties, they’re making some major adjustments. One of those adjustments is changing the name from Yahoo to Altaba. The new name appears to be a derivative of Yahoo’s most successful asset Alibaba. Yahoo invested in the company early on. This investment proved to be very lucrative for Yahoo as Alibaba went on to claim the title of largest US-listed IPO in history at $25 Billion.

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer is also “stepping down” from her position on the board of directors of Yahoo.

It’s the end of an era. Remember when Yahoo was the Google of it’s day?


Russia Says: “No LinkedIn For You!”

Russia has demanded that Apple and Google remove LinkedIn from their app stores in Russia. This comes after Russia blocked the LinkedIn website because the network does not “store data on Russian citizens within the nation’s borders,” according to a recent New York Times article.

Apparently Russia wants to keep tabs on those using the service and presumably would like to have easy access to said records. LinkedIn has refused to comply and hence the banishment. Hmmm “I see, said the blind man.” Interesting.

Reminds me of those Seinfeld episodes… Sorry Russia, Putin has spoken: “No LinkedIn soup for you!”


Cadillac Launches a New Service for People Who Don’t Want To Own a Vehicle

GM has created a new service called Book for it’s luxury Cadillac brand. It allows members to swap out their cars anytime for a flat rate of $1,500 per month.

Subscribers use an app to select the vehicle they desire then wait for the vehicle to arrive at a location of their choice. Customers are allowed up to 18 swaps per year.

The Benefits

  • Frees members from the hassles of owning a car i.e. having insurance, maintenance and registration
  • Members can match their vehicle to a specific occasion — i.e. an Escalade for a road trip or a CTS for a night on the town.

Sounds like a pretty cool concept. I can see this spreading to other car manufacturers. Would you use a service like this? Hit me on the Gram. In the meantime check out their explainer video below.




Meet the 5 Most Valuable Startups in America

5. WeWork

Valuation: $16.9 billion

Coworking startup

WeWork cofounders Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann


4. Snap

Valuation: $18.19 billion*

Formerly Snapchat, is a social media/camera company

CEO Evan Spiegel


3. Palantir

Valuation: $20.53 billion

Data-mining startup

CEO Alex Karp


2. Airbnb

Valuation: $30 billion

Home-rental startup

Product chief Joe Gebbia, CTO Nathan Blecharczyk, CEO Brian Chesky


1. Uber

Valuation: $68 billion

Ride-hailing startup

CEO Travis Kalanick


*Elon Musk gets an honorable mention. His aerospace manufacturing and space transport services startup, SpaceX comes in 6th place with “only” a $12 billion valuation. Poor fella.

Be inspired my friends, be inspired! Are you working on the next big thing? Hit me on the Gram.


Solar Energy is Now as Cheap as Fossil Fuel Energy: Elon’s a Friggin’ Genius!

Interesting “Did You Know”

According to the World Economic Forum, solar and wind energy are now the same price as fossil fuel energy. 10 years ago the average cost for generating a megawatt hour of solar energy was $600. Today the cost is down to $100 per megawatt, the same average price of coal energy. In 2016 renewable energy investments exceeded fossil fuel investments for the first time ever.

Maybe Elon Musk is on to something with merging Tesla & Solar City…. It’s all about renewable energy duh. Stevie can see it’s the next wave, along with autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and marijuana. Hmmmm maybe it’s time to consider adding Tesla to the stock portfolio as a spec tech play?

What are your thoughts? Hit me on the Gram, Bam!



Vine Co-Founders Launch New App: Hype!

Shortly after Twitter announced it was killing off Vine last month, Vine co-founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll announced their next great startup, Hype.

What is it?

Hype is a live-streaming video app currently available for the iOS platform.  It’s live streaming with a lot more bells and whistles than you’ve seen on the likes of Facebook Live and Periscope. For instance, broadcasters can easily incorporate multimedia into their streams i.e. layer in photos, videos, music, GIFs, etc. This allows for more creative freedom to help broadcasters engage, entertain and ultimately build their following.


There’s a lot of competition in this space. It’s going to be tough to break through, especially with the juggernaut, Facebook copying every cool feature of its competitors these days.

The old Vine crew broke through once let’s see if they can do it again. We’re rooting for ya. Excuse me as I get my popcorn and enjoy this show.


What do you think? Will HYPE live up to the hype?