Kobe Bryant Launches $100 Million Investment Fund

Looks like we have a new player in the venture capital business (See what I did there? Basketball… Kobe… Player? Ok moving on). This is good news for Moguls on the Grind changing the world through entrepreneurship. Kobe has partnered with former CEO of Web.com, Jeff Stibel to create Bryant Stibel. The $100 million fund is currently self-funded by the two partners (must be nice or silly, didn’t anyone ever tell Kobe about O.P.M. It’s better to invest with Other People’s Money). The duo intend to focus on media, technology and data ventures. Currently the fund is closed to outside investors (stop being selfish Kobe, we talked about this already).

Bryant and Stibel have been investing together for some time now. The firm has positions in 13 companies, including notable investments such as: The Players’ Tribune, LegalZoom and Alibaba.

Well played Kobe. Cheers to even greater success off the court.


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Did You Know Actor, Ashton Kutcher Started a Company and Turned $30 Million to $250 Million?


5 Years ago Ashton Kutcher and friend Guy Oseary invested $500k in a little known company called Uber. That investment is worth a cool $50 million today. Not bad for the “Dude, Where’s My Car” actor. Ashton and Guy, along with a 3rd investor formed a company called A-Grade Investments. Before long they had billionaires such as Mark Cuban, David Geffen and Eric Schmidt begging for a piece of the action (well maybe not begging). After their initial home run with Uber, A-Grade was able to easily raise funds for further investments. The company subsequently invested early in startups that are now household names such as Pinterest, Aribnb, Spotify, Uber, Shazam and Skype. Over 6 years Ashton and gang have turned $30 million into $250 million. Let the good times roll!

Hmmmm maybe we should start a Mogul Grind Investment Fund. We have top talent that can give Ashton a run for their money! I’m on it MGs.