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MogulGrind Reading List

A running list of books the Mogul Grind team has read (or is currently reading) that are packed with gems and we highly recommend checking out. 

The list will be updated often so check back often. 


How To Become a Jedi Master in Anything

When I was in grad school many years ago I had a very tough finance professor. He had an accomplished career holding top positions in international banking, in addition to this he was a Symphony Hall concert pianist. One day after a number of students didn’t do as well as they had hoped on an […]

The Power of Thinking Positive

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” – Philippians 4:8 Dwelling on positive things as opposed to negative is a good practice to develop. Science has shown a number of psychological and physiological benefits of positive […]

Journaling: A Key Habit of the Super Successful

“Keeping a journal is one of the best strategies for learning about yourself and improving your professional performance over time.” Teresa Amabile Harvard Business School Professor In my professional circles and in the literature I’ve been reading of late, I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of keeping a daily journal. The word is […]

How Record Companies are Making Money in the Digital Era, and Other Cool things I learned at Def Jam’s 2019 Pre-Grammy Party…

MogulGrind was invited to Def Jam’s Pre-Grammy party this weekend. Lots of good music, food and cool people, but educational as well.  Two gems I gleaned from the night: 1. I was curious as to how people were making money in the record industry these days. Some of the answers included, corporate sponsorships (artist partnering […]

10 Top Plant Based Protein Sources

It’s been almost 2 years since I have adopted a plant based lifestyle. Inevitably the same question comes up each time someone discovers that I don’t consume animal products (well, most of the time… I don’t have a “cow” – see what I did there, if an egg or so occasionally slips into a dish. […]

Startup GRAIL Raises $900 Million to Detect Cancer the Earliest Ever

Grail announced they’ve closed a $900 million Series B round of financing. The startup is pioneering technology that aims to take a blood sample and detect the early, free-floating cancer DNA floating in your bloodstream. They accomplish this with the help of a new DNA sequencing machine the company developed. Several notable investors participated in […]

JackThreads is Hanging on by a Thread: Looking For a Buyer

JackThreads, the online men’s retailer made some risky bets and they’re paying for it now. They’re looking for a buyer according to multiple sources. The Columbus, OH company founded by Jason Ross in 2008, got its start selling men’s urban wear at deep discounts in limited quantities. It quickly built a strong following and in […]

Facebook Declares War Against LinkedIn? Launches Facebook Jobs

Facebook wants to land you your next gig. The company recently introduced Facebook Jobs. It allows employers to post jobs for free, but they’ll have the option to boost the listing so it reaches a wider audience, for a small fee of course. The business/recruitment/social network space has traditionally been LinkedIn’s domain. Facebook’s encroaching on […]

Jay Z Launches New Venture Capital Fund

The Rock is in the building. Jay Z is launching a new venture capital fund with business partner Jay Brown according to a new Axios report. They’ll be focusing on early stage tech startups. No word yet on the fund’s size. Jay’s had some hits on billboard charts as well as investing. He’s also taken […]

Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Fail

We often hear about the success stories coming out of Silicon Valley… Uber, DropBox, AirBnB, etc. but did you know that approximately 75% of venture backed companies fail? According to a Statistic Brain study, 50% of all US companies fail after 5 years. CB Insights researched the top reasons why startups fail and here’s what […]