What’s MogulGrind?

MogulGrind is a platform geared toward founders and entrepreneurs. Its aim is to be a valuable resource for startups to gain key insights, inspiration and encouragement along the very arduous startup journey.

MogulGrind is the brainchild of me, Martel (Money Mar). I’ve experienced the wide range of emotions of launching a tech startup, not having it succeed and being the next Mark Zuckerberg. I’ve also purchased, operated and sold a small brick and mortar business (frozen yogurt shop). I have degrees from B-schools and the school of hard knocks! Today I’m in corporate America climbing that “corporate ladder.” Aaaaaaand yeahhhhh let’s just say the Trep life is calling me again. So to get my feet wet I’ve decided take my own advice and “not talk about it, be about it.” I’m jumping out there with this MogulGrind concept that was swirling in my head. It marries the passion for entrepreneurship and inspiring our fellow brethren in the startup world (and life in general) along the journey.

With your help we can evolve this platform from it’s humble beginnings to providing even greater value, guidance and inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world.

Cheers to the go-getters ! Let’s go.