Google Takes Apple’s Crown As the World’s Most Valuable Brand

After a five year stint at the top Google informed Apple that there’s a new sheriff in town. Google takes Apple’s spot as the world’s most valuable brand according the Brand Finance Global 500 2017 report.

Apple’s brand value fell by 27% to $107.1 billion, according to the report this was largely because the company “failed to maintain its technological advantage and repeatedly disillusioned its advocates with tweaks when material changes were expected.”

Google on the other hand saw it’s brand value increase 24% to $109.4 billion. The report states, “Google remains largely unchallenged in its core search business, which is the mainstay of its advertising income.”

The Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World

  1. Google $109.4 billion
  2. Apple $107.1 billion
  3. Amazon $106.4 billion
  4. AT&T $87 billion
  5. Microsoft $76.3 billion
  6. Samsung Group$66.2 billion
  7. Verizon $65.9 billion
  8. Walmart $62.2 billion
  9. Facebook $62 billion
  10. ICBC (Chinese bank) $47.8 billion