Cadillac Launches a New Service for People Who Don’t Want To Own a Vehicle

GM has created a new service called Book for it’s luxury Cadillac brand. It allows members to swap out their cars anytime for a flat rate of $1,500 per month.

Subscribers use an app to select the vehicle they desire then wait for the vehicle to arrive at a location of their choice. Customers are allowed up to 18 swaps per year.

The Benefits

  • Frees members from the hassles of owning a car i.e. having insurance, maintenance and registration
  • Members can match their vehicle to a specific occasion — i.e. an Escalade for a road trip or a CTS for a night on the town.

Sounds like a pretty cool concept. I can see this spreading to other car manufacturers. Would you use a service like this? Hit me on the Gram. In the meantime check out their explainer video below.