If Mark Cuban Lost it All Here’s How He’d Get It Back.

Mark Cuban is a billionaire who knows a thing or two about the mogul grind. He owns the Dallas Mavericks and is a star on the hit entrepreneur reality TV show “Shark Tank.” In an interview on the podcast “How I Built This” he talks about what he would do if he had to build an empire from scratch. Mark admits he might not become a billionaire, because in addition to hard work it takes an immense amount of luck as well. However, he’s convinced he would become a multi-millionaire.

Here’s what he would do if he lost it all and had to start over:

Step 1 – Go out and get two jobs. He would get a job as a bartender at night and a sales job during the day. He’s had success as a salesmen in previous jobs and would draw on that skillset to generate income.

Step 2 – Between selling a product with substantial commissions and working as a bartender he would save enough capital to start a new business.

And from there my friends the rest would be history, according to Mark.

Only if it were that easy. It’s tough starting a business and convincing people to give you their hard earned money for your product or service, unless you’re a drug dealer. Wait a minute isn’t marijuana legal now?

I’m on it!

He does make one very good point, you have to do something to generate startup revenue. It’s not going to fall off a tree and hit you in the head. If you can generate enough revenue with one job great, but if not  then pick up a second. You won’t do it forever, just enough time to generate the seed capital to make your next move. From there you can put your money to work for you in a number of ways.

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