Super Agent David Falk Shares Words of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Prior to our workout (hence the reference to running stairs in the video) I had the legendary sports agent and investor David Falk share a few gems with the MogulGrind community. David is best known for being Michael Jordan’s agent. He also negotiated professional sports’ first $100m contract for Alonzo Mourning, and built one of the most powerful sports empires in history. During his peak in the 90’s he was considered the second-most powerful man in the NBA behind the Commissioner David Stern. That’s just to name a few of his accomplishments…

Keys from the clip:

  • Don’t get complacent
  • Innovation and creativity are the keys to the future
  • Always shoot for the stars (aim high)
  • Never settle for second best
  • Constantly improve yourself (educate your mind, improve your health, stay ahead of the curb)