The Female-Only VC Firm Killing it in Silicon Valley – Forerunner Ventures

Forerunner Ventures is a women only investment firm killing it in the male dominated venture capital industry. Let’s take a closer look at this company that’s flown under so many people’s radar.

Forerunner Ventures was founded in 2003 by Kirsten Green. The company specializes in e-commerce investments. They’re philosophy revolves around capitalizing on the growing trend of shoppers ditching brick and mortar businesses for online shopping. This investment strategy is clearly paying dividends. Since July of this year, 2 startups have sold for at least a $1 billion (unicorn status). Dollar Shave Club was acquired by Unilever for $1 billion and acquired by Walmart for $3.3 billion. Can you guess the only venture capital firm with the wisdom (or luck) of having invested in both companies? You guessed it, Forerunner. Their investment in Dollar Shave Club alone is expected to earn over $40 million for the firm. Nice!

Some of Forerunner’s other notable investments include Birchbox, Warby Parker and Hotel Tonight. Is there another billion dollar exit around the corner? We shall see.

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